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My name is Heidi Yang. I am an author of “24 Hours To Wisdom: How To Start Your Live Over Today!”

I’ve had several businesses both on and offline. I’ll help you become successful in your business by effectively using specific online marketing strategies that will help you get more targeted customers and serve them better so they become happier. And happier customers become your biggest fans and they bring you referrals because they can’t wait to brag about you!

In addition to helping you publish your book without having to use a formal publishing company, I also help people transform their life and live a happy life because at the end of the day, that’s what you’re looking for.

==☛ WHAT I DO: I help you (students & parents, business owners & their employees, and salespeople) realize how powerful you are as a human being. I help you laugh a whole lot more while directing your mind and body toward achieving your maximum potential everyday.

I can help you turn your inner conflicts, stress, anxieties, and self-sabotage into a completely different belief and energy you need to expand, grow, and achieve more. I give you custom-tailored immediate action steps, so your “to do” list keeps getting shorter and shorter, and you’ll do them with intense focus and have a lot of fun working on them as life is all about doing more and more of what you love!

==☛ HOW I DO IT: I help you identify your challenges and give you my proven steps to get you to stand where you’ve been wanting to go. You’ll learn to trust in your own power and the quality of your work will become craft-like. You’ll learn to kick the habits and beliefs that have been holding you back. You’ll get to identify your fears, but you’ll be able to use them to become even greater in life.

==☛ SPECIALTIES: I help you get unstuck when you’re feeling confused and less than courageous. I can help you as a group or individually. I also welcome speaking gigs to benefit a greater size audience.

==☛ WHY IT MATTERS: Don’t stay stuck. My mission in life is to see you become greater & happier!

==☛ NEXT STEPS: You can call or text me at 571-246-8800 or use the contact form.

 ==☛ WHAT OTHERS SAY: Having had the opportunity to work with you Heidi, I experienced firsthand the artistry you demonstrated in gaining the trust of your thousands of customers over the years. As a consistent Top Producer, you were clearly doing something right.
Love the article. Love your keen insight into the psyche of the ordinary human beings you helped – and continue to with your blog. – Lisa Perdue (10/2/16), Former CFO at Calusa Investments, LLC. in Chantilly, Virginia.